Ron Paul's 2012 campaign just got an endorsement from Nassim Taleb. Sort of.

When asked his opinion on Ron Paul, Taleb, on his Facebook page, wrote the only candidate I trust is Ron Paul. Taleb, however, seems to be more interested in philosophy than politics.

I do not wish to be dragged into politics beyond my statement of trusting one, and only one candidate in this primary. Conversation ended, he later added.

Taleb, of course, is the famed author of The Black Swan. Perhaps more importantly, he is one of the few economists - another being Nouriel Roubini - to have correctly predicted the global financial crisis of 2009.

Interestingly, Paul is one of the few (only?) long-time U.S. politicians to have predicted the U.S. housing crisis.

In 2002, Paul warned about a painful crash in the housing market. In 2004, he warned about loose monetary policy creating financial bubbles.

In 2009, shortly after the global financial crisis erupted, Taleb suggested that the economics establishment caused the problems, so the U.S. should put smart people whose hands are clean in charge.

Paul is arguably the only long-time U.S. politician who fits the bill.

Taleb remains bearish on the U.S. economy and financial system after the global financial crisis. His main concern is that the current level of excessive debt makes the economy and financial system fragile and prone to crises.

Paul, unsurprisingly, is the candidate in the 2012 presidential race who is the most serious about cutting the U.S. public debt.