Haters of Ron Paul and his 2012 campaign have been caught discussing a smear campaign in South Carolina against the Congressman.

On the Stop Ron Paul 2012 Facebook page, posters were discussing plans to dress up as members of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and pose as Paul supporters.

If you live in South Carolina and want to have some real fun with these Paulbots here is what do - go online and buy or make your very own KKK robe, complete with hood (hood is important). Then get some Ron Paul signs off the internet or make your own. Follow Paul around South Carolina and be sure to get photographed by the media, wrote someone named Jere Brower on the Facebook page.

Another poster on the Facebook page suggested that they volunteer for Paul's campaign to make phone calls to voters and portray Paul as a lunatic defending America against alien lizard people.

This story was first reported by the La Crosse WatchDog Blog, which captured a screenshot (below) of the now-deleted Facebook conversation.

It is not clear if these individuals will actually carry out their proposed smear campaign, nor is there evidence that this is a part of a larger effort to smear Paul.

Smear campaigns, however, seem to be a part of reality in political competitions, especially when it comes to politicians like Paul.

During the New Hampshire Primary race, a racist video against Jon Huntsman surfaced on YouTube under an account that professed support for Paul. The media was quick to pick up the story and cast a negative light on Paul.

The account that posted the video, however, was newly-created and had no information about the identity of its creator. In other words, there was no way to verify if the video was created by a true Paul supporter.

Many Paul supporters, logically, questioned if it was actually a smear campaign against Paul.

In Rand Paul's (son of Ron Paul) Senate run, an imposter was caught red-handed pretending to be a Paul supporter and making racist comments against Hispanics; he even wore a tinfoil hat and carried a doll of Dora the Explorer, a Hispanic cartoon character.