Ron Paul's theme song was The Imperial March at  New Hampshire
U.S. Representative Ron Paul' s campaign team played The Imperial March as campaign song at New Hampshire. Reuters

Move aside, Chuck Norris, “Ron Paul Facts” is now in.

Ron Paul, a Texas Congressman and 2012 presidential hopeful, has inspired a fiercely loyal following around the country with his straight-talking Libertarian approach.

The Federal Reserve? End it!

Income taxes? Don’t need it!

Troops abroad? Send them home!

The UN and NATO? Pull out of them!

On the Internet, Ron Paul is king. Back in the 2008 Republican presidential primaries, he became known for winning virtually every single internet and text message poll. This ardent online support in has spawned the “Ron Paul Facts” in 2011.

Below are some “facts” about Ron Paul, taken from the Ron Paul Facts website.

- Ron Paul has no alarm clock, but instead wakes every morning to the call of freedom.

- Ron Paul doesn't go the gym. He stays fit by exercising his civil rights.

- Ron Paul delivers babies without his hands. He simply reads them the Bill of Rights and they crawl out in anticipation of freedom.

- Ron Paul wasn't born. He liberated himself from the womb.

- Ron Paul doesn't pee. He liberates urine

- Studies by the World Health Organization show that Ron Paul is the leading cause of freedom among men.

- Ron Paul can fly, but doesn't because its unconstitutional.

- Ron Paul could lead a horse to water AND convince it to drink, but he doesn't believe the government has the right to so he refuses.

- Ron Paul doesn't cut taxes. He kills them with his bare hands.