Ron Paul Video Game

Ron Paul's goal of reforming America's domestic and foreign policies while investigating the Federal Reserve may be a long way from happening in real life, but a new online video game set to come out for free in several months will offer Libertarians everywhere to give the Fed what it deserves in a game called Ron Paul: Road To Revolution.

The game is being developed by Daniel Williams, a Ron Paul supporter, and his friends, who have no official connection to the presidential campaign. They asked for $5,000 to fund the creation of the side-scrolling action/adventure game similar to classic titles such as Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog. Williams already has the money he needs to finish the game, thanks to 165 supporters who donated more than $8,000 on Kickstarter. He will receive the money May 1.

The game will entail traveling across the 50 states to collect both Gold (sound money) and Delegates. The game was designed using HTML5. It is almost 75 percent complete, and it will be available on computers and, hopefully, smartphones, as well, according to Williams.

The game will have 13 bosses to represent the 13 branches of the Federal Reserve, as well as more than 50 levels, challenging puzzles, an original soundtrack, and bonus unlockable characters.

Williams said his goal is to perpetuate the spirit of India Games ... the last bastion of 'Free gaming.

Williams turned to Kickstarter because he firmly believed the game needed to exist as a gift to the revolution.

If there's a game about Ron, it's gotta be awesome, Williams said in a video posted on the Kickstarter page.