Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo came back to international action in blazing form this week, setting new records for other players to beat. With an unexpressed frustration from his most recent distress with Juventus, the 34 years old Portuguese football legend showed a dazzling performance for the Portugal national team against Lithuania. He smashed home a hat-trick, and many view this as the professional footballer’s way of sending a definite message to Juventus Coach Maurizio Sarri.

Cristiano Ronaldo
It appears that the writing is on the wall, fans and critics are now speculating that there is a growing tension between Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus Coach Maurizio Sarri. MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP/Getty Images

Cristiano Ronaldo was recently seen storming off after he was pulled off early during Juventus’ recent game against AC Milan. Several reports alleged that the Portuguese football superstar was overheard cursing Sarri before going into the tunnel and into the changing room. After setting fire on all corners for Portugal, Ronaldo seems to be hitting back in the only and best way he masterfully knows how Daily Mail reports.

Portugal coach Fernando Santos has been showing his support to the Talisman in the midst of the recent events, and Ronaldo was seen giving the Portugal coach a long warm hug. When the final whistle was blown, Ronaldo pulled Santos and gave him an embrace that many perceived as his way of thanking Santos for his faith in his talents. The Portugal coach has also spoken out about the Talisman’s regular training with the Portugal team contradicting Sarri’s recent claims about the superstar’s knee injury.

Surprisingly, Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister Katia Aveiro decided to share his thoughts on the matter in a more cryptic way. Sharing an image of her and her brother, Aveiro wanted to tell the world that Ronaldo is still the main guy for both Juventus and Portugal. She also made a snipe to those who think that his brother is past his prime.

Meanwhile, Thursday evening proved to be another masterclass from Cristiano Ronaldo as he inched close to another milestone of making 100 international goals. The Talisman made the 55th hat-trick of his career as he offered his talents and skills to Portugal to achieve a 6-0 victory against Lithuania. Ronaldo is just a couple of goals away from the century.