Ryan Lochte defeated Olympic Champion Michael Phelps, his USA teammate, on Tuesday morning to win the 200-meter freestyle at the World Championships in China.

The race was one of the highly anticipated ones within the championships.

Phelps placed second with Germany's Paul Biedermann, the world record holder, coming third.

Lochte impressed within 1 minute, 44.44 seconds, and Phelps took the silver within 1:44.79. Biedermann took the bronze in 1:44.88. It was Lochte's first win over Phelps at a big international meet.

"Hopefully this win tonight will help me carry on through my other races. I've still got a big, heavy load," Lochte told USA Today. He also told the paper that the win is a big confidence boost.

The Associated Press said Lochte hardly celebrated and that Phelps shook his hand like a good sportsman.

But the competition between the two isn't over as yet.

Lochte will be swimming against Phelps in three separate events and a relay at worlds.

The USA Today article said prior to the race, Phelps had said "It's going to be down to the last 50. There are some guys that have front-half speed and some guys that close extremely well. You can probably guarantee that it's going to be a tight group."

Lochte also knew it was going to be a tough race and hoped for the 1-2 victory.