The Christmas holiday might look a little different all over the world this year. 

Those living in the UK received news last week that the lockdown restrictions will be loosened up starting Dec. 23 and going until Dec. 27, which includes Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

Families will be able to celebrate the holiday season together, which is something they didn’t think would be possible. 

However, this does raise some concern about the number of coronavirus cases going up, so the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) has shared some tips to stay safe during this loosened lockdown, Sky News reported. 

One of these tips is “No touching, no games or rowdy singing.” This includes no board games. 

“Avoid crowding over the Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit and enjoy games such as quizzes that have limited interaction instead. Californian public health officials recently advised Americans celebrating Thanksgiving not to have singsongs together since saliva particles produced in "hearty songs" were easily transmitted.”

This has caused an uproar over social media and users are not happy and have explained what they plan on doing instead. 

A few other suggestions include celebrating outdoors, putting hand sanitizer at the front door, limiting the number of people at gatherings, not having a Santa and finally, going virtual.

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