Lucy Lawless’ Countess von Marburg isn’t quite dead yet. Catch the “Salem” Season 3 premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 2 at 9 p.m. EDT on WGN America. WGN America

WGN America’s witch-centered TV show, “Salem,” will return after Halloween. Last season saw the death of Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery) after she sacrificed her life in exchange for John Alden’s (Shane West). It was a tragic moment, but some fans mourned the loss of another fan favorite character – Countess von Marburg (Lucy Lawless).

On the official Facebook page of “Salem,” countless fans have been clamoring for the powerful witch’s return. She proved to be a worthy adversary for Mary last season. However, Lucy Lawless’ character was stabbed by the devil in the finale. Still, that doesn’t mean she is dead. After all, she has died and been reborn many times on Earth.

A true queen never dies, especially in Salem. Adam Simon, the creator and executive producer of the TV series, addressed fans’ demands of the Countess’ return in a video recently posted on Facebook. “If there’s one question I’m asked over and over again it’s ‘Is Countess Marburg coming back?’”

“Countess Marburg has lived for thousands and thousands of years,” Simon explained, “She’s come back again and again … All I can say is nothing ever comes back quite the way you expect it. It’s Salem.”

Meanwhile, in other news, WGN America released several teasers of Season 3. One of its more recent ones shows an intricately carved door in a house. It appears to be Mary and George Sibley’s home but it isn’t clear. “Halloween week all of Salem has gone to hell,” teases the video. It’s a fitting statement now that the devil has possessed Mary and Alden’s son John Jr. (Oliver Bell). The devil could bring hell on Earth and what place better to commence his plans than in Salem?

Catch the “Salem” Season 3 premiere on Wednesday, Nov. 2 at 9 p.m. EDT on WGN America.

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