Amid questions about his commitment to the San Antonio Spurs while battling an injury to his quadriceps, star forward Kawhi Leonard told reporters Wednesday that he "for sure" wants to end his career with the organization.

Leonard, who has intermittently played in just nine games this season, has remained inactive since being cleared to play in February. The decision to sit out prompted normally tight-lipped head coach Gregg Popovich to tell reporters on Feb. 21 that he’d be “surprised” if Leonard plays this season due to tendinopathy in his right quad.

Leonard has not spoken to media in several weeks. The 26-year-old told reporters he hopes to return to the court "soon," and that he regularly speaks with Popovich about his condition.

Reports from ESPN claimed there was tension between Leonard and the Spurs and Marc Stein of the New York Times openly wondered if the Spurs would consider trading Leonard in the offseason. Leonard, who is earning $18.9 million this season and will make $20.1 million in 2018-19, can become a free agent in the summer of 2019.

"I don't feel like nothing was friction," Leonard responded when asked about his relationship with the Spurs during his rehabilitation. He said his progress has been a team effort, with the coaching staff and front office all having knowledge about his condition.

Leonard said he will not accompany the Spurs on their three-game road trip Thursday. San Antonio will face arguably their toughest competition in the West: the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder. 

The Spurs are currently in fifth place in the West, but only a half-game behind the No. 3 Portland Trail Blazers. 

GettyImages-683079814 Kawhi Leonard addressed reporters about his injury. Photo: Getty