Monday morning, the San Francisco Bay Area was hit with an earthquake.

The earthquake registered a 4.0 magnitude, and it doesn't seem to have done any damage.

The same area was hit with an earthquake back in 1989, but not early in the morning. That year, the quake struck at 5:04 p.m. PT, just a half hour before Game 3 of the World Series was set to begin.

The Loma Prieta earthquake registered a 6.9 magnitude, and affected the San Francisco and Monterey Bay regions.

The series between the Athletics and Giants had moved to San Francisco. The Giants were looking to cut into Oakland's 2-0 series lead.

Many people were in Candlestick Park during the earthquake, and pregame coverage was already underway.

The pregame show was airing on ABC at the time, and Al Michaels continued to broadcast the show immediately after the quake, even though he was unaware if he was still on television.

The earthquake delayed the start of Game 3 by 10 days. The A's eventually swept the series in four games.

Here is the video of ABC's pregame coverage, as the earthquake hit the Bay Area: