San Francisco interim mayor Ed Lee met with cold reception from his rivals and audience when he appeared on Monday night's mayoral debate at the Castro Theatre.

Lee announced he will run for a full four-year term as San Francisco mayor on Monday morning, despite saying in January that he would never run for this position. ON Tuesday, a man, who loudly heckled Lee for "breaking his oath" during the debate, was arrested for interrupting the scene.

In the mayoral debate, boos, hiss and air horns greeted Lee. The moderator had tell the audience to "stop booing the mayor," according to SF Appeal.

When Lee was appointed as interim mayor in the absence of Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom in January, it partially hinged on his disinterest in running for a four-year term.

Not surprisingly, after Lee changed his mind, he was met with cold reception. Especially, other candidates have been preparing for the mayoral race for months and some of them for even over a year. When Lee appeared on Monday night's debate, the atmosphere was charged up against him as some candidates didn't expect him to break his previous promise.