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Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wis. Reuters

Update 2:40 p.m.: Right Wing News responded to claims that Governor Walker may have lied about voting for Reagan, saying that Walker did not lie or misremember the past. The statement was simply the result of an error in transcription.

"I went back and listened to the audio. It’s a little hard to hear at that point and unfortunately, my transcriptionist made an error," interviewer John Hawkins said in a correction. What Walker actually "A vote for Ronald Reagan" rather than "I voted for Ronald Reagan."

12:30 p.m.: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is a big fan of former President Ronald Reagan, but is he a big enough fan to have committed voter fraud to get him into office?

Last month, Walker sat down with Right Wing News to talk about his new book, the 2016 election and his lifelong love for Reagan. Walker, who was elected governor of Wisconsin in 2011 and survived a tense recall election the following year, told the site that he distinctly remembers voting for Ronald Reagan as soon as he became a teenager.

"I remember, I was a teenager, had just become a teenager and voted for Ronald Reagan -- limited government, you know, smaller government, lower taxes, strong national defense,” Walker told Right Wing News. “You knew what you were getting. You knew how a Reagan administration, a Reagan presidency was going to be better for you."

However, there’s one big problem with Walker’s claims that he voted for Reagan: He wasn’t old enough to vote when Reagan was running for president.

As Blogging Blue notes, Walker was born on Nov. 2, 1967, meaning he would have just turned 13 on Election Day 1980, far too young to vote Reagan into his first term. When Reagan was voted into office for a second term on Nov. 6, 1984, Walker would have just turned 17, still too young to vote.

While some states allow 17-year-olds to vote in primary elections and caucuses, they can only do so if they will actually be 18 years old on Election Day. Furthermore, Wisconsin, where Walker has lived since he was about 10 years old, does not make such allowances for 17 year olds. It is impossible, then, that Scott Walker ever voted for Ronald Reagan in a presidential election -- unless he committed voted fraud.

Most likely, Walker is either lying about voting for Reagan or simply misremembering his teenage years, but it’s an odd statement to make all the same. IBTimes has reached out to Governor Walker’s office for clarification and has not received an answer as of this writing.