Selena Gomez said she thinks she should have enjoyed her childhood for a couple of more years before making her foray into the entertainment industry. Gomez, who turned 23 this month, kicked off her career as a 7-year-old child in 2002.

"I was 7 when I got my first role," she told German magazine TV Movie (via Belfast Telegraph), about the television show “Barney & Friends.” Though it was a children's show, Gomez remembers she was always in the company of adults and picked up their habits. “I listened to them a lot and started to talk about things I probably wasn't old enough for," the singer/actress said.

The Texas-born beauty, however, is proud of the way her career has taken shape and it has enabled her to do a lot of things other people at her age can't. She is particularly proud of paying her mortgage and calls it the “most expensive thing” to which she ever has treated herself. She also loves spending time with her family in Texas when she can just be herself.

The “Good For You” singer is currently busy with her new album. She revealed the name of her album last week on Instagram. Titled “Revival,” the album is inspired by Gomez' love life. “I think there's hints of [my relationship with Justin],” she said on "On Air With Ryan Seacrest," in June. She also considers her album “beautiful” and said the title reflects “the rebirth of Selena.”

Gomez revealed she worked “really hard” for the album and considers it a chance to “feel like an independent artist.” “So I guess that's just the vision. It's all about my journey. It's not about anything specific,” Gomez added. Her recent song, “Good for You,” is the lead single from “Revival.” The album is set for Oct. 9 release.