U.S. Senator John McCain has begun a short trip to Myanmar in order to look after the country's situation after a new civilian government, promising reform, took over from a military junta several months ago, a local media reported.

“McCain arrived in the administrative capital, Naypyitaw, on Wednesday, where is expected to meet one of the nation's vice presidents as well as lawmakers,” a Myanmar government security official told media.

He is due to meet opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who was released from house arrest late last year ,but it was unclear whether he would be granted an audience with President Thein Sein.

Myanmar, under military junta since 1962, held its first elections in November 2010, and the newly elected government took over in March this year.

McCain speaking in Bangkok on Tuesday said he would assess the changes being consider by the new government, how serious they are about development.

He called Suu Kyi, a person I have admired more than any other ... living individual.

US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Joseph Yun also visited Myanmar last week and met Myanmar’s Foreign Minister Wanna Maung Lwin.

Yun recommended the new elected government to take meaningful, concrete steps toward democratic governance and called on authorities to release political prisoners.