• George Russell won the Brazil GP 2022
  • It was Russell's maiden Grand Prix victory
  • Sergio Perez finished seventh in the race

Sergio Perez has slammed his Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen, saying he has "showed who he really is" after the World Champion refused a team order in the F1 Brazilian Grand Prix.

When Perez was struggling on medium tires during the Brazilian Grand Prix, Red Bull guided Verstappen to attack Fernando Alonso and Charles Leclerc in an attempt to overtake the Ferrari driver, which would have helped Perez's battle for P2 in the drivers' championship.

However, when Verstappen's engineer told him to let Perez through on the final lap if he could not pass Alonso, the Dutch driver refused. He claimed he had his reasons for doing so and asked the team never to make a similar request.

Perez finished seventh at the end of the race in Sao Paulo, while Leclerc finished fourth.

Perez was initially told "Max will let you through." "Yeah, thank you for that, guys," he said after Verstappen's refusal. After this, Red Bull boss Christian Horner apologized to Perez, saying "we'll debrief after," and the latter responded, "Yeah, it shows who he really is."

"I don't understand what his reaction was; if he has two championships it is thanks to me," Perez told reporters after the Brazilian Grand Prix ended Sunday.

Moreover, Perez said he let Verstappen pass him at the start of a final 10-lap sprint to the flag following a late safety-car period so the two-time champion could try to gain further positions.

Max Verstappen celebrates his stunning Spa win

Before Verstappen spoke to the media after the race, he had a team meeting with Perez and the Red Bull bosses.

"I understand from Checo's side he is disappointed. But I also gave my reasons why I didn't do it, about something that happened in the past. That's why we all sat together and talked about it. As a team, we understand, and we have to move forwards. We go to Abu Dhabi and if he needs the help there to finish ahead of Charles, I will help him," said Verstappen.

George Russell claimed his maiden Grand Prix victory by triumphing in Sao Paulo on Sunday, which also marked Mercedes' first win of the year.