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While Dominique Strauss-Kahn fights rape charges in the U.S., a sexual scandal of a very different nature has erupted in his native France.

According to reports, both French and Moroccan authorities have launched an investigation into allegations that a former French government minister participated in a sexual orgy with underage boys in Morocco.

The accusations were made by Luc Ferry, a former education minister of France, during a recent TV debate on privacy, sex and French politics.

He said a former minister was caught in Marrakesh [Morocco] in an orgy with small boys and that the information was provided to him by the highest authorities of the state, including a former prime minister.

The incident allegedly occurred several years ago and the matter was hushed up by French government officials.

However, Ferry did not identify the alleged pedophile because he said he has no proof if I give the name now ... it's me who would be [investigated]. I would surely be convicted even if I know the story is true.

A Moroccan child protection association, Don't Touch My Child, has also filed a complaint with French authorities for both exploitation of minors and non-denunciation in connection with the charges,

Parisian prosecutors have already questioned Ferry to determine whether or not they will pursue criminal proceedings.

Meanwhile, the Moroccan government has instructed the Marrakech prosecutor to probe the allegations.

Morocco has long been a favored destination for Western pedophiles.