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Obama Embarks upon Week of Diplomacy in Asia

After the announced drawdown of troops from the Middle East, the Eurozone crisis, and a G-20 summit that lacked spectacular developments, the Obama administration is hoping enhanced economic ties with the Pacific Rim will open a fruitful venue for enduring growth.

APEC CEOs to world leaders: boost trade and growth

Asia-Pacific CEOs will press world leaders on Friday to boost growth and seal a regional trade deal, goals made more urgent by the European debt crisis that has darkened global economic growth prospects.

Asia-Pacific Ministers Press Europe to Act Fast

Asia Pacific countries pressed Europe on Thursday to act more forcefully to quell its debt crisis, setting the tone for a summit overshadowed by growing alarm over the fallout from euro-zone upheaval.

Corzine's Fall From Grace Leaves Obama With Even Less Bridges to Wall Street

The fall of Jon Corzine, a prominent figure with a toehold in the worlds of both finance and politics, is not only an issue for himself, but for one of the men who likely sought his advice and support on a regular basis, President Barack Obama. Perhaps more importantly, it follows a trend that has dogged the president since 2010, as, due to a variety of causes, many of the people close to Wall Street he had previously sought out have later found themselves uninvited to tea in the Rose Garden.

Did Corzine's Risk-Taking Cripple MF Global?

In early April, Jon Corzine was in a tough spot. MF Global, the company he had run for the previous year, was about to post a fourth-quarter loss, marking its fourth successive fiscal year of red ink.

New housing plan expected soon: Congress aide

The Obama administration and the regulator for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are expected to unveil new steps to help distressed homeowners in the next week or two, a senior congressional aide said on Thursday.

Rick Perry to Unveil Flat Tax Proposal

In an attempt to further distance himself from his rival, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Texas Gov. Rick Perry said he will soon lay out details of his flat tax plan.

Rick Perry to propose flat tax

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry said on Wednesday he will propose a flat tax as part of an overhaul of the U.S. tax code as he seeks to claw his way back to the top tier of the 2012 race.

Deal Close Between States, Top Banks Over Mortgage Abuses

Under the proposed terms of the settlement -- which could total $25 billion -- banks would get a broader relief from potential state civil lawsuits in exchange for refinancing underwater loans, those mortgages where borrowers owe more than their homes are worth, sources said.

Paris G20 finance chiefs closing remarks

G20 finance ministers and central bank governors put strong pressure on euro zone leaders at a two-day meeting in Paris to come up with a convincing solution to the bloc's debt crisis and avert the risk of a fresh global recession.

Geithner says growth too slow, need jobs bill

Economic growth has gained some strength but remains too slow and would benefit from passage of a package of job proposals that congressional Republicans have blocked, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Saturday.

Wall St rises for 3rd day on ECB liquidity move

Stocks rose on Thursday after the European Central Bank launched fresh liquidity measures to help banks weather the euro zone's debt crisis, easing one of the major concerns overhanging markets.

Euro QE and a Gann 1/8 Line

While fear fosters headlines, cash is what creates stories. And cash is the route the European Central Bank has chosen to go.

Canada hopes for exemption on U.S. FATCA rules

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty voiced cautious optimism on Wednesday that Canada would be granted an exemption from an onerous U.S. tax reporting law that he called an inefficient use of capital.

Geithner: Business should back development banks

U.S. businesses should support the role of multilateral development banks in trying to bolster global growth because their efforts help boost export markets, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said on Tuesday.

Eurozone Struggles to Stem Crisis; Obama Urges Action

Euro-zone officials are working to magnify the firepower of the region's rescue fund, European Central Bank policymakers said on Monday, while President Barack Obama piled on pressure for Europe to staunch a sovereign debt crisis that threatens the world economy.