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Update, 11:15 a.m. EDT: The train involved in an accident in South Carolina Thursday morning collided with a truck, according to the volunteer-staffed South Carolina Incident Alerts. The train’s engine and one of its cars derailed. However, it is unclear whether the collision or the derailment happened first.


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A train was involved in an accident in South Carolina Thursday -- just minutes after a freight train derailed in Pittsburgh and two days following an Amtrak passenger-train derailment in Philadelphia that killed at least seven people -- according to WJBF-TV. in Augusta, Georgia. Details were sparse, but WJBF reported the accident occurred at the intersection of Lee and Calhoun streets in Johnston, South Carolina.

It is unclear whether the train involved in the South Carolina incident was carrying freight or passengers. Also unknown is whether it derailed or struck a person or object. Johnston is in south-central South Carolina, about 150 miles northwest of Charleston.