• Esports has been featured as a medal game at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games
  • Tier One Entertainment announces a new partnership with Admazing Co
  • The company aims to develop a new generation of gamers in the region

The Esports scene has been experiencing a boom in recent years as the advent of mobile gaming has become a popular scene wherever one goes.

Whether it’s in your favorite coffee shop or just seeing groups of friends playing their favorite games on a YouTube video, there’s no escaping the new age of gaming.

The earliest known video game competition was in 1972 at Stanford University for the game Spacewar, where the winner received a one-year subscription to Rolling Stone magazine.

The origin of Esports is still highly debated as many people believe that it was the StarCraft craze of South Korea that started it all, while many also point to the American and European LAN-party obsession that was Counter-Strike 1.6--the original iteration of the game.

Those two games started the online gaming scene and thanks to innovations in technology and broadband Internet networks, the world caught on to gaming and Esports has since become a large part of recent generations.

CS:GO's competitive scene remains one of the biggest ones in modern gaming
CS:GO's competitive scene remains one of the biggest ones in modern gaming Valve

In Southeast Asia, Esports first received its time in the spotlight in the 2019 Southeast Asian Games, hosted by the Philippines.

It was the first time that Esports became a medal event after its status as a demonstration sport at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia.

In the region, one group has since emerged as the most recognizable brand when it comes to Esports and gaming: Tier One Entertainment.

The company has recently announced a collaboration with Admazing Co., an in-game advertiser based in Miami, Florida with a reach of 2.6 billion unique users around the world.

Tier One Entertainment gains the exclusive privilege to offer the Admazing Co. in-game ads platform to its local brand-partners in the Philippines and cater the platform within Southeast Asia.

“This partnership with Admazing Co. enables Tier One Entertainment to close the loop in terms of serving the advertising needs of brands. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with the solutions to efficiently penetrate the hard-to-reach Millenials and Gen Z audiences. Admazing Co. is a superior platform because it is the only one that has direct connections to game developers hence, providing premium inventory. We are fortunate and glad to have a truly top-tier partner like Admazing Co.,” said Joanne Llavore, the chief commercial officer of Tier One Entertainment.

Admazing Co. also sounded off on the partnership with Tier One Entertainment.

“We recognized Tier One’s expertise in the gaming industry and I am especially proud of this collaboration because it highlights how we are working together to change the advertising era through mobile game advertising, and help build the next generation audience experience in a brand-safe environment. This partnership also represents a major milestone in the growth of Mobile Gaming as an effective territory in the region,” said Edward Castillo, the managing director of Admazing Co.

With the partnership, Tier One Entertainment is set to further expand its reach on the Southeast Asian gaming scene and in developing a new generation of gamers in the coming years.