• Manchester City wants to bring in Jack Grealish this season
  • Grealish has been on the club's radar for some time now
  • Aston Villa is not budging from the $138.3 million asking price

Manchester City’s bid at a third title in four years is becoming more concrete as the days pass.

The current English Premier League champions are hard at work to fill the Sergio Aguero-sized hole left at the Etihad Stadium as the 33-year-old Argentinian decided to leave the club on a free transfer to join La Liga powerhouse Barcelona.

To that end, Manchester City has turned its eyes towards one of England’s national squad players.

It has been reported that Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish is the latest summer transfer target for Manchester City as the club is looking to match the rising power that is found in their cross-town rivals, Manchester United.

This transfer window has seen Manchester United land Jadon Sancho after an extremely drawn-out transfer saga.

Meanwhile, the Red Devils have just recently come to terms with Real Madrid to purchase Raphael Varane.

Reports have recently surfaced that Manchester City is preparing to make a £75 million ($103.7 million) bid for the English standout.

However, Aston Villa is reportedly holding out for at least £100 million ($138.3 million) before the club even thinks of selling their greatest asset.

The club is also set to offer the midfielder a weekly wage of around £150,000 ($207,449) in the new deal as they hope to keep him at Villa Park.

Grealish is an exceptional player in the midfield as he was a major part of England’s run to the final of Euro 2020, providing key passes for the team throughout the tournament.

He was the reason for Marcus Rashford’s easy goal against Germany in the same tournament.

Sam Lee of The Athletic has confirmed, in one way or another, that the deal for Grealish is now "at an advanced stage."

It is believed that Grealish has been chasing competition at the highest levels of European football, and a move to Manchester City will almost surely guarantee that he gets to compete for silverware year in and year out.