Square Enix has teased a mysterious new mobile role-playing game (RPG) called “Alice Order.” While most of the company’s RPGs are fantasy- or steam punk-themed, like the popular “Final Fantasy” series, “Alice Order” will reportedly be a psychic mystery RPG, which seems like new territory for the company.

The game’s setting, according to Siliconera, will be the future of Japan after it has been devastated by a great disaster. In the story, not only did the attack cause great harm, but Japan is also getting attacked from a parallel world.

What is there to do? Call the mysterious special forces group known as the “Alice Order.” This group comprises a number of young women who have special powers that can help thwart the forces of the parallel world.

While little is known about the game, it seems that Square Enix will heavily promote it because the title has several well-known developers working on it. According to Pocket Gamer, Hioraki Iwano, who also produced the Google Play card-battling RPG “Million Arthur,” will produce the game, and “Steins;Gate” artist Huke will work on the game’s various character designs.

Square Enix is also bringing the big guns out for the game’s story, as Kyoichi Nanatsuki, who also helped developed the “Project ARMS” manga, will be writing the game’s psychic mystery-oriented story.

It seems that “Alice Order” will be one of the more anticipated titles coming from Square Enix, after its announcement that it will focus more on mobile games. There is currently no release date for the game in Japan and it is unknown if it will come to the West anytime soon.

Aside from that, there haven’t been many details on the psychic mystery RPG that Square Enix is planning to release, aside from the game's teaser site. So far, “Alice Order” is as mysterious as the great disaster that will reportedly happen in the game, with more details to follow as soon as Square Enix announces them.

Alice Order BGM (Credit: YouTube/Kamui)