Star-Crossed CW series season 1
The CW is branching out to aliens for its newest series, "Star-Crossed." CW/Star-Crossed

“Star-crossed” had us star struck after The CW series premiered its very first episode. And now, dear readers, it’s safe to say we’re pretty hooked on this science fiction romance since the second the pilot ended.

If you’re as obsessed with vampires, werewolves and other mystical creatures as much as us -- then you are going to love “Star-Crossed,” which is a series that follows the controversial love story between a human girl named Emery (played by Aimee Teegarden) and an alien male. In “Star-Crossed,” Roman (played by the adorable Matt Lanter) and six others of his kind are integrated into a suburban high school nearly a decade after they crash to planet Earth. Now, the Atrians are fighting for equality amongst the humans, which includes fighting for their right for interspecies love.

But it doesn’t look like the Atrians are winning this battle anytime soon. When we left the characters of “Star-Crossed,” they had just experienced a traumatizing experience with the death of Roman’s father, a peaceful leader and an advocate of integration. He was shot and killed by a human at the end of the pilot of “Star-Crossed” and now the human-Atrian tensions are at an all-time high.

That’s what most likely lead to the naming of episode 2 titled “These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends,” which will air Monday, Feb. 24. The official synopsis explained that the episode will focus around the funeral of Roman’s father.

“Roman and Sophia (guest star Brina Palencia) prepare for a funeral.” Roman will having a shocking experience during the burial when his Uncle Castor (guest star Johnathon Schaech) shows up “in the sector offering to help the family.”

While Roman is dealing with the death of his father, his relationship with Emery will take a harsh beating. According to spoilers, the show’s protagonist with push Emery away despite her attempts to open up and speak with him. “He doesn’t want anything to do with her,” Wetpaint suggests. “Upset, Emery turns to Grayson (Grey Damon).” For those who don’t know, Grayson is a human who is falling for Emery, but he gets caught between sides in the war against the Atrians. But won’t that push Roman away even further?

It could, but Roman has bigger things to worry about than a human flirting with his love. After getting invited to a school carnival, Roman finds out that his fellow-Atrian, Drake, has been kidnapped. And that’s not all he’s worried about. According to reports, Roman discovers that “Trags are preparing a hit on Emery and her family at the carnival.”

Yikes! We can’t wait to see what happens when “Star-Crossed” airs episode 2 on Monday, Feb. 24, at 8 p.m./7c on The CW