After years of armed conflicts, Sudan is now striving to attract foreign tourists. Many buildings in the old city of Suakin in the Red Sea state along the Red Sea are being restored in a bid to attract tourists.

A Turkish company is reportedly helping the country to restore old buildings in the port of Suakin as part of efforts to make the town more attractive to visitors, reports Reuters.

Until now, Suakin has received only a few foreign tourists but authorities hope the number of arrival of international visitors will increase given the diving sports and heritage offered in the region.

So far, very few tourists come, but we hope this will change, said Nasser el-Din, head of the tourism authority in Red Sea state. We're restoring a lot...Infrastructure has been built...We have very nice and clean beaches which are among the most beautiful in the world, he added.

Nasser said that about 3,000 to 4000 foreign tourists were estimated to visit the town during the peak winter season.

Suakin's coast offers diving spots and the city abounds in heritage buildings that may attract tourists from worldwide, but a poor infrastructure, lack of proper accommodation facilities and political unrest took a toll on the region's tourism.