With four games left for each NFL team in the regular season, the contenders are starting to separate from the pretenders. Meanwhile, new faces are working their way up the standings. Las Vegas oddsmakers made one small but significant change in their Super Bowl betting odds this week, putting a new team in the top three.

For several weeks, the Los Angeles Rams (11-1), New Orleans Saints (10-2) and Kansas City Chiefs (10-2) have been the top three favorites to win the Super Bowl, according to Vegas Insider. This week, the Chiefs moved to fourth and were replaced in third place by the New England Patriots (9-3), with 5/1 odds to win Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s sixth championship.

The Patriots have cruised to two relatively easy wins following a blowout loss in Tennessee and a bye week. They will, in all likelihood, win the AFC East again soon. The Chiefs took care of business in Oakland on Sunday, but questions still linger after they had to cut star running back Kareem Hunt last week for being caught on video shoving and kicking a woman.

Rounding out the top five are the Los Angeles Chargers (9-3) at 6/1 odds. The Chargers are playing as well as anyone in the NFL right now, but a head-to-head loss against the Chiefs in week one and another game in Kansas City on Dec. 13 could keep them as a wild card team.

Finally, the Denver Broncos (6-6) are moving on up in the world. The AFC West could very well put three teams in the AFC playoffs, as Denver has an easy schedule from here on out. They are 15th in Vegas Insider’s Super Bowl odds, with 66/1 odds.

NFL Super Bowl Betting Odds ( Vegas Insider )

Los Angeles Rams 7/2

New Orleans Saints 7/2

New England Patriots 5/1

Kansas City Chiefs 6/1

Los Angeles Chargers 12/1

Pittsburgh Steelers 14/1

Houston Texans 16/1

Chicago Bears 20/1

Dallas Cowboys 25/1

Baltimore Ravens 33/1

Minnesota Vikings 33/1

Seattle Seahawks 33/1

Philadelphia Eagles 40/1

Indianapolis Colts 50/1

Denver Broncos 66/1