As usual, the Super Bowl witnessed a host of mind blowing commercials from the likes of MetLife, Doritos and Acura. Although there were as many as 60 commercials, here are the best six that are worth viewing more than once.

Doritos – Man’s Best Friend: Doritos released one of the funniest Super Bowl Commercials this year where the focus is on dog-on-cat crime. The dog hand over a pack of Doritos which it believes is enough to keep one’s silence regarding a cold blooded murder.

Toyota – It’s Reinvented: Toyota wanted to show that the company has reinvented the Camry but later goes on to show how they also reinvented babies and time travel. Below is the extended version of the commercial. However, the pizza curtains can be a disturbing scene.

Acura – Transactions: One thing that is clear from the commercial is that John Seinfeld will do just anything to get his hand on the new Acura NSX and will stop at nothing before he acquires the first one. Here is the extended version of the commercial. However, Jay Leno makes his appearance and steals everything Seinfeld is fighting for.

Chrysler – It’s Halftime in America: Clint Eastwood makes a point about the struggling American auto industry and describes how it’s just the halftime and that there is still enough of game left in the second half. Eastwood talks about Detroit and describes how the people there lost almost everything, but everyone pulled together and the Motor City is fighting again.

MetLife – Everyone: MetLife believes that every family, everywhere, should have a financial security which they deserve. This year, MetLife decided to add more to its already introduced Charlie Brown and Peanuts gang and brought out a host of the popular cartoon characters like He-man, Atom Ant, Voltron, Scooby-Doo, Casper and more. A cool Super Bowl commercial nonetheless.

Kia Optima – A Dream Car: This one is believed to be one of the most awesome commercials made and revealed at the Super Bowl. It’s a bit creepy how the sandman accidently overdoses the person with huge amounts of his magic sand, but what happens next is no less than amazing. Featuring Motley Crue, Adriana Lima and Chuck Liddell, the commercial describes how Kia’s Optima is a car of dreams.

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