Andrew Christopher Drew Brees, quarterback for the New Orleans Saints who led the team to its first NFL title last year has reportedly expressed a desire to enter politics at the end of his playing career.

Speaking to Reuters, the hugely popular player said that the challenges of politics intrigued him and a career in the same would stimulate him. However, he also admitted that he was not ready for a political role right now and would wait a while to make the switch.

I'd consider it, I am not going to close any doors, hopefully that's some way away; I'd love to be able to play football for as long as I can but we'll see. There are lots of thing I want to do after I stop playing, he was quoted by Reuters as saying.

Meanwhile, Saints fan couple Rion Loisel and his wife Kelly who accepted the Vicks Nyquil Most Dedicated Fan Contest award from Brees told the news agency that given his popularity, he would sweep to power were he to run for the mayor's post.

However, a normally articulate communicator Brees has been reticent about his political allegiance; at this point it seems he is willing to disclose little more than his inclination towards a political role that would help him to make a difference and work towards resolving some of the pressing national and global concerns.

Public Involvement

Brees has been noticeably involved in many community projects and has won a lot of appreciation and praise for his role in rebuilding efforts post Katrina. He and his wife Brittany also run the Brees Dream Foundation in partnership with international children's charity Operation Kids. The Foundation works towards rebuilding, restoring and recreating academic and athletic facilities, parks and playgrounds, after-school programs, mentoring programs for the intellectually disabled, neighborhood revitalization projects and child care facilities in New Orleans.

From visiting the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp to appearing on commercials raising awareness about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, his active participation in public issues beyond sports has also been conspicuous.

In June 2010, Brees was appointed by President Obama as one of the co-chairs of the newly renamed President's Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition.