UPDATE: 6:28 a.m. EDT -- Swedish authorities said Thursday that a teacher was killed in a sword attack at a school in Trollhättan and two students were seriously injured, the Associated Press reported. A masked man attacked five people at the school before being shot by police. The attacker is undergoing surgery, according to reports.

Original story: 

A masked man armed with a sword attacked and injured five people at a local school in Sweden Thursday, according to reports. Police later shot and killed the man, according to a local report.

The incident took place in the town of Trollhättan in Västra Götaland county in western Sweden, according to initial reports. Those injured are four students and one adult, Svt.se, a local news network reported.

State healthcare communications manager Niklas Claesson said that the attacker -- who was initially reported to have been shot dead by police -- was undergoing surgery, according to a RT.com report, which added that Claesson said he “regrets" the previous comment about the attacker's death.

However, Sweden's TT news agency reported that one person died in the attack, but it was not immediately clear who the deceased was.