• A restaurant soon to open in Sweden will be the world's first COVID-19 safe restaurant
  • Only one customer will be served the three-course meal per day 
  • The tables and dishes will also be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly

A restaurant in Sweden where social distancing is observed in an unusual way is set to open soon. The couple behind the unique restaurant said it will be "the only COVID-19 safe restaurant in the world."

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, most restaurants had to stop dine-in services. One soon-to-open restaurant in Sweden, however, aims to provide a "COVID-19 safe" dine-in experience. Called Bord för En, which means "table for one," the restaurant reportedly set to open May 10 provides an unusual experience wherein only one customer will be served and there are no servers.

The chair and table will be set-up in a meadow and the food will be "served" to the solo customer using a basket attached to a pulley system that leads to the building's kitchen window. Apart from the restaurant's unique social distancing measures, the tables will also be sanitized and the dishes will be cleaned twice.

The restaurant will feature fixed three-course meals that can change depending on the ingredient availability, and each day, it will only accept one customer. The restaurant will reportedly stay open until Aug. 1.

The couple behind the unique restaurant are Rasmus Persson, a former chef, and Linda Karlsson. The couple thought of the idea when they served lunch for Karlsson's parents by sending it through a window to the table outside.

"It will be the only COVID-19-safe restaurant in the world," Karlsson told Insider. "We want to be able to concentrate on that sole guest when preparing the meal. But also, it is a way for us to be able to control that the guest's experience will be totally COVID-19-free."

Although the restaurant's unique service seems like it would cost a fortune, it will actually let the guest decide how much they want to pay.

"We are all are facing difficult times and there are people that have lost their jobs, loved ones, or even their mind. We welcome all, no matter what financial situation you are in," Karlsson said. "We want to encourage people to sit down and spend quality time with themselves."

Unlike many places in the world, Sweden opted for a less strict take on fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Because of this, the country did not force establishments such as bars and restaurants to close completely.

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