Syrian forces fired on a second Turkish plane on Monday, according to Turkey's deputy prime minister, Bulent Arinc.

According to the Associated Press, Arinc accused Syria of opening fire on a CASA search and rescue plane that was searching for the wreckage of the Turkish warplane that was shot down by Syria on Friday after it allegedly ventured into Syrian airspace.

Turkey and Syria, once allies, have found themselves on opposite sides of President Bashar al-Assad's 16-month-long crackdown. Turkey has accepted tens of thousands of Syrians fleeing the violence, and the rebel Free Syrian Army has made a camp on the Turkey-Syria border, where it launches attacks on regime troops.

There is a campaign to make a devil out of Syria, Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi said about Turkey's claim that the plane was shot in international airspace on Friday. Whenever they fail they resort to other evil measures.