Love hormone may help autism symptoms: study

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A hormone thought to encourage bonding between mothers and their babies may foster social behavior in some adults with autism, French researchers said on Monday.

Extremely premature babies show higher autism risk

Researchers found that of 219 children born before the 26th week of pregnancy, 8 percent met the criteria for an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at age 11. That compared with none of 153 classmates who were born full-term and included in a comparison group.

Age of mother affects child's autism risk: study

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Being an older mother significantly increases the risk of having a child with autism, but being an older father only increases the risk when the mother is under the age of 30, U.S. researchers said on Monday.

Study turns up 10 autism clusters in California

U.S. researchers have identified 10 locations in California that have double the rates of autism found in surrounding areas, and these clusters were located in neighborhoods with high concentrations of white, highly educated parents.

More kids have autism than thought: U.S. study

You may have heard the oft-quoted statistic that autism affects 1 in 150 US children. Turns out it's more like 1 in 91 -- and about 1 in 58 boys, according to new figures released Sunday.

I love you more

Mia recalls her beautiful, vibrant mother whose radiant smile was dimmed by depression, medication and, finally, cancer – but her memory lives on in the hearts of her daughter and her grand-daughters.

A lost life

After many years of depression Jan's talented and creative son, Ben, is eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia. As he becomes increasingly traumatised, Jan's sense of loss is intense. She now speculates whether earlier intervention could have made a difference to the outcome.

Travolta's deny their son was autistic

John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston have denied reports that Jett was autistic. Autism is not recognized by the Church of Scientology, of which Preston and Travolta are both prominent members.