Breaking News: Explosion heard at Japan's nuclear plant

Explosion heard at Japan's nuclear plant
An explosion was heard at the quake-hit nuclear plant of Japan on Saturday, soon after speculations of melt-down were made following the failure of the cooling system of the plant due to Friday's powerful earthquake and tsunami.
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Three killed in explosion at Nigeria election rally

Three people were killed and 21 injured by an explosive device thrown from a car at an election rally near Nigeria's capital Abuja on Thursday, the latest act of political violence ahead of nationwide polls next month.
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Egypt Church attack: 17 killed; Christians clash with police, Muslims

Coptic Christians took to the streets in Egypt following the New Year's eve attack and clashed with Muslims. Police were mobilized to control the mobs firing tear gas shells. After midnight on Saturday, an explosion outside a church in the northern port city of Alexandria killed at least 17 people. Meanwhile, Egypt's President, Hosni Mubarak said he would cut off the head of terrorism. Wicked terrorists targeted the nation, Copts and Muslims, the President said in his address to th...
Suicide attack kills 39 Shia mourners in Iran

Suicide attack kills 39 Shia mourners in Iran

A bomb explosion in the southeastern Iranian city of Chabahar has killed at least 39 mourners commemorating the martyrdom of the third Shia Imam on Wednesday. The victims also included women and children while over 50 people have suffered severe injuries.
Emergency personnel lean against a burned out car at the site of a natural gas explosion in pipeline San Bruno, California September 11, 2010.

Weld job may have weakened San Bruno pipeline

Investigators into the violent and deadly natural gas line explosion in San Bruno, California on Sept. 9, 2010, have discovered that certain pipe segments were welded only from the outside, not from both inside and outside the pipe, the National Transportation Safety Board said today.
Air quality, possible explosion delay NZ mine rescue

Air quality, possible 'explosion' delay New Zealand mine rescue

No attempts would be made to rescue the 29 miners trapped in the New Zealand's Pike River Coal mine till early Sunday, officials said. The air quality in the mine was deemed unsuitable for any operations and there are growing fears of yet another explosion. The Tasman district police have confirmed that two Australians, two British citizens and one South African were trapped along with 24 other local miners.
 A paramilitary soldier goes through the rubbles of the CID building after it was destroyed in a suicide bomb attack in Karachi

Al-Qaeda-linked outfit claims Karachi attack, toll reaches 17

Pakistani authorities on Friday accused the Taliban- and Al-Qaeda-linked insurgents for the Thursday's attack on the CID building in Karachi which killed 17 people. More than 140 have been injured in the blast and police believe that more than 1,000kg of explosives were used in the attack, making it the biggest blast ever to hit the country's financial capital.
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Speculative money drives record surge in wheat prices

Wheat prices exploded by an unheard of 6.34 percent on Monday, continuing a record surge of 38 percent in July, with even more speculators drawn by gloomy news even though the fundamental situation remains stable.
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China mine explosion death toll reaches 92

The death toll from China's latest coal mine disaster reached 92 on Sunday, state television said, and hopes dimmed that more survivors would emerge after a gas blast at a colliery in the nation's far northeast.
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China mine explosion kills 31, traps 78

At least 31 miners were killed and 78 remain trapped 500 meters (yards) underground following a gas blast at a mine in China, state media said on Saturday.
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New media explosion upends TV ratings system

The explosion of ways people watch television is confounding the media industry, which has relied for decades on the Nielsen ratings but now must adapt to the realities of the Internet and on-demand video.
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The Next Financial Explosion

A weird quiet seems to have settled over the country. We're in the midst of the financial crisis, yet it feels like the whole thing has somehow passed. In fact, the ionized air around us suggests we're in the eye of this hurricane—experiencing a moment of calm before the storm whips up again.
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Oil falls back after surge on pipeline explosion

Oil gave back nearly all of its big gains on Thursday after Enbridge Pipeline said its fire-damaged crude pipeline in Minnesota could resume normal operations within days.An explosion along the Canada-to-United States pipeline, which supplies more than 10 percent of U.S. crude imports, killed two workers and choked off crude flows Wednesday.


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