NASA Asteroid Tracker: 2 Earth-Crossing NEOs Approaching Earth

NASA is currently monitoring two asteroids that are expected to fly close to Earth on Tuesday. According to the agency’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), the trajectories of the approaching asteroids are known to intersect Earth’s orbit.
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Mars Pit

Did NASA Photograph Alien Ships And Bases On Mars?

A UFO expert claimed that NASA robotic spacecraft might have accidentally photographed an alien ship docked in a crater on Mars.  Aside from the alleged ship, the expert said he spotted the entrance to an underground base in NASA photo.
The Soyuz rocket blasted off to the ISS in September

Russia Halts Soyuz Rocket Production Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

The growing number of COVID-19 cases in Russia has halted the manufacturing of the country’s flagship rocket known as Soyuz. Aside from industrial production, the head of Russia’s space agency also warned that the ongoing pandemic has also affected launch activities.

NASA: 2 Asteroids To Intersect Earth’s Orbit This Week

NASA’s automated asteroid tracking system has detected two asteroids that are expected to approach Earth On Wednesday. According to the data collected by the agency’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), the approaching asteroids have natural orbits that intersect Earth’s path.


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