A teacher in the United Kingdom has died after ingesting a bag of cocaine.

Cocaine is an extremely strong and highly addictive stimulant drug that is made from the leaves of the coca plant, a plant native to South America. The drug is sometimes used for valid medical purposes such as for surgeries and as anesthesia however recreational use of the drug is illegal. The drug is known to induce extreme happiness and energy, mental alertness, irritability, paranoia, hypersensitivity of senses, restlessness, irregular heartbeat, and nausea, to name a few. Since the drug is considered to be extremely addictive, users sometimes use enough of the drug to cause an overdose.

Representational image Steve Buissinne / Pixabay

A cocaine overdose can produce serious adverse side effects, life-threatening symptoms, and sometimes even death. Cocaine was involved in nearly one out of five overdose deaths in 2017. Such was the case with a British teacher, Victoria Buchanan.

The mother-of-three was in a first-class airport lounge, waiting for her flight home to Dubai. Victoria Buchanan, 42, then ingested a resealable bag filled with cocaine after she realized she still had the drug in her possession. She ingested the bag as she was drinking a glass of champagne which can prove to be fatal as cocaine and alcohol mixed together usually leads to an overdose.

Victoria Buchanan had earlier acquired £200 worth of Class A cocaine during a family visit with her husband Mark to the United Kingdom. She had £60 worth of the drug left when she decided to swallow it in the hopes of bringing it back home. She then later collapsed and suffered a seizure when the bag burst in her stomach.

Manchester Airport
Victoria Buchanan was in Manchester Airport waiting for her flight to Dubai. It is here that Victoria Buchanan makes the deadly mistake of ingesting a bag filled with cocaine. Bri_J / Flickr

Onlookers at the Manchester Airport thought the mother of 3 was experiencing anaphylactic shock. Victoria Buchana had a palm oil allergy and as such, had an EpiPen in her handbag. Onlookers administered said EpiPen as they probably assumed she was having an allergic reaction. She was then taken to Wythenshawe Hospital where she died shortly after. The bag of cocaine was found during an autopsy of her body after she had died and it’s said her parents knew nothing about Victoria’s drug use. Her husband, however, stated that he knew she took the drug in small amounts and that he would take it with her at times. Her death is seen to be a tragic accident.

Victoria Buchanan was originally from Kilmarnock, Scotland but moved to Dubai in 2010 to work as a teacher in the United Arab Emirates. She is survived by her husband and three children.