Ted Cruz is saving America, and he's doing it while riding on the wings of a giant bald eagle with a rifle in his hand. At least that's how the Republican U.S. senator from Texas is portrayed in the latest supplement to a satirical coloring book that was one of the top-selling coloring books on Amazon for 20 weeks.

Really Big Coloring Books Inc., the St. Louis-based company that publishes “U.S. Senator ‘Ted’ Cruz to the Future” is adding eight more pages, titled “Ted Cruz Saves America,” to new versions of the satirical coloring book at no extra charge. The company claims that the book is a “nonpartisan, fact-driven view of how Texas Sen. Rafael Edward ‘Ted’ Cruz became a U.S. senator and details, through his quotes and public information, his ideas for what he believes will help people grow.” The company said it made the coloring book “as an educational tool.” The supplement was announced on Tuesday.

In “‘Ted’ Cruz to the Future,” children can color in a headshot of Cruz, who is described on the bottom of the page as “a passionate fighter for limited government, economic growth and the Constitution.” Another page shows Cruz in hunting gear and holding a rifle, while children can learn how “Cruz is a firm supporter of the Constitution, specifically the Second Amendment.” Cruz’s 21-hour filibuster that led to last year’s government shutdown is also featured in the coloring book.

One page in the “Ted Cruz Saves America” supplement shows Cruz in a suit and riding on a bald eagle with its wings spread while the senator clutches a rifle in one hand. A banner on top reads “Democracy flies high on the wings of freedom.” Another page shows Cruz and his family strolling toward the White House, suggesting that he has been elected president in 2016.

While the coloring book may have won a lot of fans, the 346 customer reviews for “‘Ted’ Cruz to the Future” on Amazon is filled with facetious assessments of the book. “Apart from the fact that it only provided me with a white crayon, I didn't get to finish it, because as soon as I started to work, the Republicans came in and filibustered me before I could finish. Now my book is shut down, and they're blaming me for political maneuvers,” wrote Scott Peterson. “Thanks Obama.”

Another reviewer wrote: “I have been struggling to teach my nephew the meaning of hypocrisy. Thankfully, this Ted Cruz coloring book does a magnificent job of illustrating what I've had trouble putting into terms an 8-year-old can understand. I hope they have a Michelle Bachman coloring book so that I can teach my niece about feminism!”

Check out a video promoting “‘Ted’ Cruz to the Future” below: