• One of the officers suffered second degree burns and will need plastic surgery
  • The girl was charged for causing ‘grievous bodily harm’ and ‘assaulting an emergency worker’
  • The accused teenager was released on conditional bail till Nov. 17

A 15-year-old girl has been charged with misdemeanor after she threw a kettle of boiling water on two police officers at Northampton, UK.

The horrific incident happened when the police officers were responding to an emergency call made from an address at Abington in Northampton, just before midnight Saturday.

The teenager was arrested at the scene, shortly after the incident. She was charged for causing ‘grievous bodily harm’ and ‘assaulting an emergency worker’, reported Evening Standard.

The two injured police officers were taken to Northampton General Hospital for treatment. One of the officers suffered second degree burns to the left side of his body and will need plastic surgery. His colleague sustained minor burns on his hand.

Two police officers were hospitalized for injuries after they were attacked with a kettle of boiling water. pixabay

Secretary of State for Home Department Priti Patel condemned the incident. “A disgusting attack on two of our incredible police officers. I struggle to comprehend how anyone could commit such an act. My thoughts are with these brave officers during this difficult time," she tweeted.

Chief Constable Nick Adderley paid tribute to the two police officers who were attacked while discharging their duties. He termed it as an “appalling attack” on the officers who were attending an emergency call to deal with an “extremely vulnerable young person.” He wished both the officers a speedy recovery. He also appreciated the response of other officers at the scene, particularly of one colleague, whose rapid response prevented very serious injuries getting even worse, reported The Northampton Chronicle.

“This was an officer with just over two years of service who went to a normal incident and sustained quite horrific injuries," Chair of the Northamptonshire Police Federation Sam Dobbs said. “This is yet another example of the dangers officers run into and their stoicism of which we are all proud," he added.

The accused teen girl appeared in court on Nov. 9 and was released on conditional bail until Nov. 17.

The attacks on police officers are common in many parts of the UK. The East Anglian Daily Times reported that in Suffolk, eastern England, 313 assaults on officers were recorded in the first eight months of 2019. This included cases of kicking, butting, slapping and even spitting.

"It is completely unacceptable to assault a person who is simply going out to do their job and do their best to serve the community,” Detective Chief Constable (temp.) Simon Megicks said.