Accountants' Index Details

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) first published the Accountants' Index in 1921. It was first available only in print and published in newspapers and accounting bulletins. With the dawn of the digital age, however, changes have been made to the Accountants' Index. One of these changes was that it was renamed the Accounting and Tax Index and made digital. This update means you can easily search for and access the Accountants' Index online.

The AICPA has snowballed since its founding in 1887. They have offices in about 143 countries and over 418,000 members worldwide. Adding to the group's credibility, their members are from government agencies, educational and public sectors, and the business industry.

This body establishes work ethics for certified public accountants everywhere, and their standards are adopted by federal, state, and local government organizations. Many nonprofit and private companies use them as well. You can still get the accountant's index in hard copy or print it yourself. Online, you can sort the index by publication date, author, subject, title, and alphabet. Now it's relatively easy to access any information on the accountants’ index without any stress.

Example of Accountants Index

You can find a full compilation of the books and articles at Pro-Quest, a blog by Pro Quest LLC. You will need a library username and password to access the complete list. You can also check JSTOR for more articles. If you want the list directly by the AICPA, you will need to become a member. gives you an option to register as either a regular, associate, or Non-CPA associate member. CPA is an acronym for Certified Public Accountants. You can also register if you're an accounting student looking to take the CPA exam or start a CPA career.

There are many examples of books, articles, and pamphlets about accounting and current trends, tax, managerial, financial accounting, and auditing. These include Economic Moat by Morningstar. Bloomberg, Edelman, and Forbes also publish articles based on their research and analysis. They have teams of experts who do these analyses. You can check the Misery Index and Trust Barometer for current trends in the financial world.

Significance of Accountants' Index

In accounting, an index is an indicator used to measure the change in a securities market's statistics. Securities in a financial market, called the stock and bond index, make up a theoretical portfolio. These indexes represent a specific market section.

Every three months and once a year, the AICPA releases a compilation of books, pamphlets, and articles about accounting. They contain anything new or of relevance to the accounting and finance world. A list of all these books and articles is what is called an Accountants' Index.

The Accountants’ Index plays an essential role in keeping accounting professionals and all other people interested in accounting trends and news. You can find usually them in trending financial blogs. This list covers everything from income tax changes to the latest policies and their effects on the market.