Aggregation Details

Aggregation is the gathering and placing together of several things to form one group. You might be enthusiastic about collecting things that interest you; this may include stamps, action figures, comic books, or magazines. Such things take time to acquire and bring together. The items that you gather are referred to as a collection, and the process of bringing them together is an aggregation.

In the field of law, there's a process followed when the authorities want to convict a wanted criminal. You can't charge a person in a court of law unless you have sufficient evidence to prove that they were involved in a crime. Some people are known to be criminals but can't be arrested because the police may have never caught them in the act, or no witness has come forward to testify. The authorities have to take their time and build a case against the wanted person to later charge them by arresting them. This process can be referred to as the aggregation of evidence.

Example of Aggregation

Let's say that you have always had a burning passion for law, and your dream is to start a law firm. Of course, you have to go to college and continue to law school. After graduating and acquiring your license, you went out into the real world to put all that theory into practice.

After practicing law for a few years, you finally feel like you are qualified to start your law firm. You gather all the lawyers you have associated with to be a part of your firm. Although you already had associates in the field, it was not easy to convince them to join your firm. It took time to build your dream law team.

The process of getting your partners on board with your aspirations took time and effort, also known as aggregation. In the field of business, aggregation might involve gathering all the necessary resources you require to start a business or picking the right personnel to run your company. Therefore, aggregation can be termed as collecting and gathering several things with a particular motive in mind.

Significance of Aggregation

Aggregation is relevant when it comes to starting a collection or having a group of things that have a particular significance in your life. A collection is the result of a process of putting things together over some time. Aggregation is critical when trying to piece things together to work as a unit in the future. Collecting items involves identifying, searching, and obtaining.

Aggregation is also a vital step in starting a business because you have to collect resources that your business requires, like capital and employees. This is something that you can't achieve overnight. Aggregation is an ideal process of acquiring raw materials, personnel, and assets that will be able to jumpstart your business.