Concierge Details

The role of a concierge is frequently overlooked but is sorely missed when absent from a hotel or apartment building setting. The term "concierge" is rooted in tradition, but now, we are increasingly used to services without seeing human faces. For example, many hotels in Japan are not staffed, other than by cleaners.

A concierge is essential for grand hotels which pride themselves on a long history of good service, mainly because the role is so well known – to such an extent that loved tv and movie characters have been hotel concierges. Concierges in apartment buildings used to be far more common, primarily for security purposes. Now, the apartment concierge is replaced with well-known CCTV cameras.

At a hotel, a concierge is usually stocked up on local knowledge. They can provide details of the fastest routes around the local area and are often willing to organize transportation. Concierges are helpful for tourists in foreign cities and countries. Being the face of guest services, the role is multifaceted at best and hectic at worst. Concierges are never short of tasks and often face impatient guests eager to "get their money's worth" from a hotel stay. That said, most interactions with a concierge are amicable and productive.

Example of Concierge

Joe and Sarah arrive at their hotel and are welcomed by Jill, who works as the concierge. Jill checks the couple into their hotel booking and provides them with their room key and other hotel information. Jill then suggests a few hotel amenities that the couple may be interested in.

On a weekend trip to a new city, the couple organizes hotel amenities with the help of Jill. Joe books a time slot at the hotel gym, and Sarah has a massage scheduled. Jill also recommends a few local sandwich shops for lunch. She also suggests a bar with live music and dancing, perfect for a date night on the town. Joe and Sarah leave the front desk and head to their room feeling well cared for by Jill.

Since the hotel is small, Jill works both as a front desk attendant and concierge. Her role is vital to making guests stay comfortable and enjoyable, with the goal of creating a life-long client.

History of Concierge

The concierge has been around for centuries in all major cities and even local communities. Innkeepers, caretakers, door attendants, etc., have supported travelers. Some concierge only help with bookings, checking guests in and out, and collecting payments for stays. While other concierge services book and suggest local amenities, like a mini travel agent helping guests experience the best of the local area.

In large grand hotels, the concierge may help with loading, unloading, and carrying luggage. Guests may call the concierge for extra towels or a dry cleaning order. Having a concierge provide simple services to patrons makes the guest's stay more enjoyable and easier. Lots of concierges receive a monetary tip for their services.