Customers that bought the entry-level Standard Range (SR) Tesla Model 3 have only 10 days from June 7 to enjoy their electric vehicles’ (EV) features to the max before Tesla Inc. downgrades some of these extras.

Tesla earlier this year launched the base Model 3 for $35,000. This version was only sold as a software-locked version of the more expensive Standard Range Plus (SR+) Model 3. These early vehicles came with unlocked software that gave its owners access to features unique to the SR+.

On June 7, Tesla sent an email to owners announcing: “Your Model 3 will soon receive new software that matches the Model 3 Standard Range configuration you ordered. As we communicated in April, this includes a limited range of 220 miles, and the removal of several software features.

“To continue experiencing the extended range, faster acceleration and Autopilot features of Model Standard Range Plus, schedule a service appointment through your Tesla app.”

The new software patch will decrease the Model 3’s range by 10 percent. Customers stand to lose access to Tesla's onboard music streaming service and heated seats, among other upgrades. The complete list of downgrades will be announced later.

Owners can, however, reinstate the downgraded features by paying for them. That's an iffy probability, said analysts.

Tesla on May 24 began deliveries of its $35,000 base Standard Range Model 3 it launched back in February. This version came with software-locked features that limited range and a number of features, however.

At the time, Tesla limited the range of the SR Model 3 “by 10%, and several features will be disabled via software (including our onboard music streaming service, navigation with live traffic visualization, and heated seats).”

These limitations apply to the two versions of this electric vehicle (EV), which start at $35,400 and $39,900. Tesla said it will allow SR Model 3 owners upgrade to Standard Range Plus (SR+) features and vice-versa. Not all owners of the early SRs had cars with these limited features.