An airport in Thailand lifted new security measures Monday only three days after they were imposed because of mass congestion. Pictured: Passengers waited to check-in during the re-opening of Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok, Oct. 1, 2012. Getty Images

One of the two international airports in Thailand's capital city has abandoned its new security measures that were imposed just three days ago, according to a new report. The now-former security mandate at Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok had required passengers traveling both domestically and internationally to run all carry-on and checked luggage through x-rays machines before checking in, but the hour-long delays it was causing was reason enough to not adhere to it any longer, the Bangkok Post reported.

In particular, insufficient scanners were the cause of long lines and delays. Travelers were surprised by the new security measures because the measures were only quietly posted to the airport’s website July 17, Coconuts Bangkok reported.

The Airports of Thailand president Nitinai Sirismatthakar said Monday that he requested for the stricter security measures to be postponed at Don Mueang Airport until a second terminal opens in September, which would expand the airport’s capacity from 18.5 million passengers annually to 30 million.

The airport suspended the newly imposed security measures Monday. Travelers were now expected to have only their checked bags x-rayed before checking in, and their carry-on luggage scanned before arriving at their gates.

The increased security measures were ordered by the Department of Civil Aviation, which had recently come under pressure from the International Civil Aviation Organization for its safety standards and procedures. Parichart Kocharat, the director-general of the Department of Civil Aviation, said that the measures were ordered to prepare for an upcoming audit, the Bangkok Post reported.

Airports of Thailand made headlines last month when ex-police commissioner Kamronwit Thoopkrachang was detained at Tokyo's Narita International Airport for having a gun and ammunition in his possession. Thoopkrachang had gone through security and boarding at Suvarnabhumi Airport, located in Thailand. No sign of the weapon was found at the Thai airport, but a source said he could have gone through a VIP gate where security screening is not required.