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Radiohead 'Lotus Flower' Reuters

Thousands packed Zuccotti Park on Friday afternoon hoping to see Radiohead perform at the Occupy Wall Street Protests, but unfortunately for fans, the band did not show up.

Four p.m. came and went at Zuccotti Park and despite thousands of first-time arrivals, it was business as usual for Occupy Wall Street. Protesters ran through human microphone checks, talked about general proceedings later in the day, and about plans to march to protest police brutality; but no live performance from the Thom Yorke led band.

The Internet was abuzz with rumors that the popular British band would show up and perform a surprise concert for the committed protesters. Many major news outlets ran with the story and -- the official Web site for the movement -- posted a note that Radiohead would be performing at 4 p.m.

The announcement prompted a swift and strongly worded statement from Radiohead's management that the band would not be playing at Zuccotti Park and had never confirmed to anyone that they would.

We can officially confirm this is NOT happening, wrote Steve Martin of Nasty Little Man, the firm that represents Radiohead, to The Wall Street Journal.

Radiohead took to its Facebook page on Friday afternoon to tell disappointed fans that it would not be attending the protests but wished the supporters the best of luck.

Radiohead was in New York City for a series of concerts, including Thursday night's concert at the Roseland Ballroom, where celebrities Ryan Reynolds and Scarlet Johansson were seen dancing to the music.

Zuccotti Park is located a few blocks away from Wall Street in Lower Manhattan, and has been occupied by protesters for the last two weeks. The protesters have camped out in the park area to fight back against a multitude of injustices, including the wide discrepancy in the amount of wealth owned by the top one percent versus the bottom 99 percent.

The protests have garnered international attention and seem to be growing in size every single day. Recently, some New York City unions and officially supported the cause and will send people and resources to the movement next week.

Already Occupy Wall Street has spawned similar protests in San Francisco and Boston, with more expected to come.

Typically the Occupy Wall Street group marches through Wall Street at 4 p.m. each day -- the same time that the New York Stock Exchange has its closing bell.