White Lions Born In Georgia
A white lioness, named Cleopatra, gave birth to three cubs on Tuesday (August 2) in Tbilisi, Georgia. Reuters

A white lioness named Cleopatra gave birth to three cubs in Tbilisi, Georgia.

On August 4, zookeepers allowed media and visitors in to see the mother and hercubs for the first time in an aviary which was closed to the public.

Zoo staff haven't approached Cleopatra so as to avoid disturbing her after labor. However, they've shared photos of the newborns on the zoo's Facebook page, promising that the lioness will soon take her young ones for a walk. They called on the public to share in their "triple joy" with them.

White lions are very rare animals — they are not albino, rather their unique colour is the result of mutation. But the birth of the cubs (one male and two female) is an extra special occasion for the zoo, since it lost nearly 300 animals after a disastrous flood last year.

"Following the flood that took place on June 13 last year, Tbilisi zoo has lost 281 animals, including Shumba, the white lion who was very popular among visitors. Therefore the birth of his brother and two sisters is of much significance for our zoo," Tbilisi zoo director, Zurab Gurielidze, told Reuters.

Dozens of animals were drowned and several even escaped from the zoo during the flood, including tigers, lions, bears and wolves. Some were killed by police, like the wolves roaming the grounds of a nearby children's hospital, as well as Shumba, a white lion cub.

Now Tbilisi's zoo keepers hope Shumba's new siblings will also gain popularity among the public.