• Early betting odds for Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson rematch have been revealed
  • NFL icons Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are reportedly involved on the said rematch
  • Mickelson strongly confirmed rematch with Woods is "sure thing"

The early betting odds for the possible Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson rematch surprisingly include NFL superstars Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Much like any other sport, professional golf is currently on hold due the coronavirus pandemic. However, golf star Mickelson recently hinted on social media about his plans of a second showdown with 15-time major champion Woods.

It will be remembered that Woods and Mickelson’s first epic match was a $9 million winner-takes-all shoot out in 2018. Mickelson edged Woods in the blockbuster match to win the prize money but also some bragging rights. And now, to fill the void in sports left by the global pandemic, Mickelson teased fans about repeating the phenomenal battle.

Apparently, it all started when the 49-year-old was asked on Twitter whether he and Woods would consider playing against each other once again for those who have longed for their presence on the field.

Mickelson replied "working on it" when asked if he“ thinks there is a chance you two go play a round mic’d up with one camera guy and just put it out there on a stream for people to watch.”

Among numerous replies, another user responded to Mickelson saying, "please don't tease" to which the American quickly addressed and responded with "I don't tease. I'm kinda a sure thing."

Adding more hype into the Woods-Mickelson rematch is the involvement of NFL icons Brady and Manning as their partners. According to a report from veteran golf journalist Robert Lusetich on Twitter Monday, Brady and Manning are the two names being mentioned.

“Hearing Tiger v Phil II might indeed be happening as a PPV event but that the caveat is that each will have a partner. Two names being mentioned? Tom Brady and Peyton Manning,” Lusetich wrote.

Pundits are already speculating that the addition of Brady and Manning would surely add more intrigue and hype to the spectacle, especially at a time when the sports world is shut down because of the coronavirus crisis.

Oddsmakers are already capitalizing on the chance that the massive Tiger vs. Mickelson II comes to fruition sometime this year. In fact, have revealed early betting odds results based on the potential outcomes.

Tom Brady Peyton Manning
Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are two of the five best quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. Getty

Tiger vs. Mickelson II Prop Bets

Tiger Woods -165

Phil Mickelson +125

Which pairing will win Tiger vs. Phil II?

Tiger Woods/Peyton Manning -180

Tiger Woods/Tom Brady -150

Phil Mickelson/Peyton Manning +110

Phil Mickelson/Tom Brady +140

Memory lane: Tiger Woods at the 1997 Masters
Memory lane: Tiger Woods at the 1997 Masters David Cannon Collection / DAVID CANNON