Tim Duncan
Tim Duncan reportedly hired a private investigator to look into wife Amy Duncan, prompting speculation that his ongoing divorce battle was caused by cheating. Reuters

San Antonio Spurs star Tim Duncan has spent the last 16 years as one of the NBA’s most consistent, stoic performers, yet his personal life is suddenly anything but predictable. In the midst of what may be the future Hall of Famer’s final NBA Finals run, he and Amy Duncan are reportedly headed toward divorce, with the specter of infidelity looming over the proceedings.

Duncan, 37, and Amy, 35, first met while attending Wake Forest University and have been married for 12 years. However, a divorce case filed in March in Bexar County District Court appears to refer to the former college sweethearts, the San Antonio Express-News reports. The legal papers bear the couple’s initials—T.T.D. and A.S.D., respectively—as well as the dates of their wedding and the births of their two children.

Amy Duncan is believed to have initiated the divorce proceedings, which reportedly caught her NBA star husband by surprise. Tim had wanted to wait until the end of the basketball season, Deadspin reports. Duncan’s San Antonio Spurs have already secured a place in the 2013 NBA Finals, and are awaiting the winner of the ongoing series between the Miami Heat and the Indiana Pacers.

However, while Amy Duncan is acknowledged to have initiated the divorce, Tim’s actions prior to the filing suggest that he may have suspected his wife of cheating as early as last fall. According to the Express-News, the Spurs star hired a private investigator to look into Amy’s behavior.

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While it is not yet known if the private investigator discovered any evidence of cheating, Amy filed for divorce on March 27, stating that their marriage was insupportable because of discord and conflict. She reportedly moved out of the family’s house a month later.

Duncan submitted a counter-filing in Bexar County District Court, claiming that he was too busy with his NBA Finals run to proceed with the divorce. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Duncan’s schedule "is currently making extraordinary demands on him and hopefully will continue to make those demands for the next 30 or so days."

The NBA star's counter-filing also asked the court to honor the couple’s existing prenuptial agreement. Although Duncan and the former Amy Sherrill began dating in college, when the former was a basketball star and the latter was a cheerleader, they weren’t married until after Duncan had signed his first NBA contract. The NBA star also asked the court to confirm that he owns "property that is separate from the marital estate,” TMZ reports.

While it is not yet clear whether cheating was indeed the cause of the Duncans’ separation, further details will undoubtedly be revealed as divorce proceedings progress. In any event, the case hasn’t appeared to affect Duncan’s on-court performance. Throughout the 2013 NBA playoffs, the Spurs star has averaged 17.8 points and 9.2 rebounds, about the same as his regular season statistics.