Tim Tebow may not be playing in the 2012 Super Bowl, but that doesn't mean he stopped playing games.

According to Yahoo Sports, Tebow was at the Bud Light Hotel in downtown Indianapolis for the EA Sports Madden Bowl XVIII video game competition and told a pair of waitresses that his real name was Tommy Turbo.

He told us he was called Tommy Turbo, not Tebow, the waitress, 26-year-old Deborah, told Yahoo. He said it was because he was a really good chess player and played really fast. He was pretty funny and we had a good time talking to him. I know he is famous but he was really friendly and a lot of fun.

And if you can believe, one of the other waitresses had no clue who God's quarterback was.

I actually didn't know who he was 25-year-old waitress Carlina said. He kept saying his name was Turbo and I was like 'what?' I don't know a lot about football.

Tebow attended the event with Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints, a team which won the annual NFL 12 video game competition.

It was great playing with those guys and to get the win, Tebow told omg! I am competitive in everything I do and I had a blast.

Tim Tebow said he will be watching the Super Bowl and someday hopes to be involved directly.

Yeah, it's a pretty cool experience, Tebow told the Denver Post of the Super Bowl. What would make it exciting, though, is hopefully one day we'll be able to play in this game.