Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow's Broncos trailed the Patriots 27-16 at halftime. Courtesy/Getty Images

Tim Tebow mania has officially swept middle America: as country singer Tim Craig pens a song in honor of 'God's quarterback' and a set of Tebowing Christmas cards get set for release, Colorado brewery Bonfire Brewing is rolling out a new beer in honor of the Denver Broncos player: a barley wine called Tebrew: The Sunday Sipper.

Tebrew premiered when the Denver Broncos made their stunning upset against the Chicago Bears last Sunday. The brewing company plans to take full advantage of that victory, selling only 150 gallons of the Tim Tebow beer on location in Eagle, Colo. and even helping to ship a Tebrew drinking game to cheer the quarterback on during this Sunday's game against the New England Patriots.

'Tebrew: The Sunday Sipper' is Born

Tebrew: The Sunday Sipper was born when the fellows who make the beer at the Bonfire Brewing Tap Room in Eagle, Colorado were watching a Denver Broncos game several months back.

That was when the brewing company first began to ferment and age their glasses-only brew.

When the last three points registered on the scoreboard, our Ale Ambassador called out, with his arms spread wide... 'TEBREW.' The Bonfire Barleywine had a name, the Bonfire Brewing web site reads.

The beer is expected to premiere in all its glory this weekend, when special 10oz glasses arrive for the Broncos-Patriots game.

Described, much like the quarterback for which its named, as a high-octane brew that gets better as you drink it down, Bonfire Brewery's new creation is a barley wine with 10 percent alcohol content.

The brewery, which prides itself on its fanciful drink concoctions, is expecting a big sell out of Tebrew: The Sunday Sipper, which is why its official premiere is expected to happen only when the honorary Tebow glasses arrive.

In the style of 4th quarter heroics, we're waiting until the last minute to serve it up, Bonfire's Facebook page reads.

'Tebrew' Drinking Game Launches

Before beer and football-lovers have even tasted 'Tebrew, a new Tim Tebow drinking game has already risen to the surface, outlined by The Gazette.

You must take a sip every time an announcer uses any form of the word win to describe Tebow, the rules dictate.

You must finish your beer every time Tebow points to the sky, or when his name is used as a verb (i.e. Tebowed or Tebowing). And if any other player on the field strikes the Tebow pose, the last to strike a similar pose has to finish everyone else's beer.

Would 'God's Quarterback' Appreciate 'Tebrew: The Sunday Sipper'?

Bonfire Brewery, of course, was the first to get in on the drinking and Tebowing craze, touting the Sunday Sipper as a beer that will occasionally bring you to a knee in appreciation.

But as the brewing company prepares to launch its (hopefully delicious) barley wine in honor of God's quarterback this Sunday, the real question is left hanging: would Denver Broncos player Tim Tebow approve of the alcohol christened in his name?

He may not, as we hear he's not a beer drinker, the brewery admitted.

Nonetheless, Bonfire hopes Broncos fans can have a few glasses in honor of Tebow just the same. We're all hoping to toast a victory this weekend, the brewery said. Hope it sends good vibes their way.