Tim Tebow reportedly would like to be traded to a team that plays in the South.
Tim Tebow might not be heading to New York after all. Reuters

It seems like an almost certainty that the Broncos will trade Tim Tebow.

Peyton Manning will be Denver's starting quarterback for a few years after signing a five-year, $96 million contract.

Reports say the Broncos will move Tebow, with the Jaguars, Packers, Dolphins and Jets as the favorites to land the quarterback.

At Wednesday's press conference introducing Manning, John Elway said it's a possibility that the Broncos would deal Tebow.

Tebow was Denver's starter for the majority of last season, and would probably like to be the starter for another team. However, the Broncos don't necessarily have to trade the quarterback.

If Denver keeps the quarterback, he probably would accept his role as a backup. Tebow's known for being a great teammate and would probably do well as the Broncos second string quarterback.

When Tebow heard that Denver was going to sign Manning, he took the news in stride.

Obviously he was disappointed. I'm sure he was disappointed, Elway said. He didn't come out and say he was disappointed. I think it was a typical Tim Tebow response in the fact that it was very positive, and he said, 'Well we're talking about Peyton Manning and I understand exactly what you're doing.'

Tebow would be one of the best backup quarterbacks in the NFL. He led the Broncos to the playoffs last year and almost made the Pro Bowl. No team in the league has a backup with those credentials.

If any team could use a good backup quarterback, it's the Broncos.

Manning missed all of the 2011 Season and has had four neck surgeries. Many people thought he wouldn't be able to play football again.

When asked what Denver would do if Manning gets hurt, Elway said, We don't have a plan B. We're going with plan A! That attitude could come back to haunt the Broncos if Manning suffers another injury.

Even if Manning doesn't get hurt, Tebow could contribute to the Broncos. Denver could utilize Tebow's athleticism in certain packages, much like they did when he backed up Kyle Orton.

Despite Tebow's popularity, it's not exactly known what the Broncos would get in exchange for the former first-round draft pick.

If the Jets and Packers are actually in the running to land Tebow, what would they be willing to give up? Both New York and Green Bay already have starting quarterbacks. It's hard to imagine either one giving up a lot for someone who is only going to be a backup.

It makes sense that Denver would want to trade Tebow. The old saying goes if you have two quarterbacks, you don't have any.

But Tebow's run in 2011 was unlike anything the NFL has ever seen. Denver should at least consider keeping him.

Manning said he would be just fine with the Broncos holding on to Tebow.

If Tim Tebow is here next year, I'm going to be the best teammate I can be to him, and he and I are going to help this team win games.