Tim Tebow has quickly become one of the NFL's most valuable players, and it is not necessarily because of his skill on the field.

Tebow is a bona fide star, complete with a plethora of groupies. Such is the life of a professional football player with a stellar reputation. The 24-year-old Dever Broncos' quarterback is probably one of the most sought-after bachelors today.

When you Google Tim Tebow the first result has nothing to do with football. The most Googled search is Tim Tebow girlfriend. One million results pop up, but none are definitive.

Despite the many prying eyes, the quarterback is extremely private about his personal life. Even in a blizzard of rumors, Tebow refuses to confirm his relationship status

Tebow is different from other ballers. He has hardly been photographed out with women (though he has been pictured hugging his mom on the sidelines) and is never reported out at clubs or bars. Tebow is a devout Christian, he is close to his family and volunteers regularly. He has confirmed that he is a virgin and is saving himself until marriage, according to People magazine.

He is humble to boot. I am not better than anyone else just because I play football, he has said.

It is no wonder so many women are drawn to the 6-foot 3-inch stud. Their adoration can be seen at almost every football game he plays. A sea of signs with messages like Marry me Tewbow or Marry my daughter Tebow float in the stands.

When I meet somebody, I want to leave a better impression than when I got there, he has said.

Take a look at the hunky quarterback and the ladies who love him.