Ukraine has long been pushing for a specialised war tribunal, with its president, Volodymyr Zelensky, saying Russia must be brought to justice for its "atrocities"


  • TIME magazine featured 25 photos showing the devastation brought by Russia's military offensive against Ukraine
  • Some photos showed Ukrainians killed in Russian attacks and ordinary citizens signing up to join the army
  • TIME released the top 100 photos for 2022 ahead of its coveted Person of the Year, in which Zelensky is top favorite

TIME magazine's top 100 photos this year highlighted the destruction the Russian military operation brought to Ukraine. The magazine selected 25 photos showing the devastation and the human cost of the Ukraine war.

Katherine Pomerantz, TIME's director of photography, said the featured photos reflect "the sentiment humming in the background, and sometimes roaring quite loudly."

Among the featured ones are the pictures showing Ukrainians wounded and killed by Russian missile attacks or heavy fire. Ukrainian soldiers and emergency personnel evacuating and rescuing their fellow citizens from the rubble are also shown through photographs.

Some iconic pictures also show ordinary Ukrainians signing up to join the army and soldiers taking a quick break from battling on the frontlines. There are also pictures of heartbreaking moments, such as Ukrainians mourning their dead loved ones and some residents leaving their hometowns.

As the Russian offensive against Ukraine stretches into its tenth month, many are speculating about who will be TIME's Person of the Year for 2022.

The magazine Sunday opened the voting for 2022 Person of the Year, which allowed readers to choose "the person or group who had the greatest influence on 2022 - for better or worse."

According to the U.K. news outlet, The Independent, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is in the lead, with 24% of readers wanting him to be featured on the TIME magazine cover.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, received three percent of the total votes cast by TIME readers.

In May, Zelensky won the 2022 TIME100 reader poll with 3.3 million votes, which put him on the magazine's annual list of most influential people of the year.

No other than President Joe Biden wrote the piece about Zelensky for TIME's most influential list. Biden praised his Ukrainian counterpart's leadership during the war, saying, "the people of Ukraine have a leader worthy of their bravery and resilience."

The president recalled his telephone calls with Zelensky, in which he heard relentless determination from the Ukrainian leader. The TIME magazine already featured the Ukrainian president on its cover in April, barely two months after Russia launched an offensive against his country.

The magazine's cover read, "How Zelensky leads: Inside the compound with the president and his team."

In his interview with TIME during that time, Zelensky called out the world's lack of attention on Ukraine. He said people get sick and scroll away when they see horrifying pictures of the war.

The Nobel Peace Prize is set to be unveiled Friday under the shadow of war in Ukraine