• Tom Brady is not happy with how the Buccaneers won against the Cowboys
  • He says that "there's a lot to clean up" before they welcome the Falcons on September 19
  • Dak Prescott had an awesome showing with the Cowboys

The defending Super Bowl champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers pulled out a magical win against the Dallas Cowboys, but Tom Brady is not happy with how it happened.

"There's obviously a lot to clean up," said Brady after the game.

Both sides looked particularly rusty as the teams were still shaking off the safety nets that surrounded them during the preseason and in training camp.

The Buccaneers were at risk of losing the game after the Cowboys' offense featured a returning Dak Prescott that ran rampant on the field, almost a year after his disastrous compound fracture.

Prescott showed that Cowboys fans should not worry about him much as he threw for 403 yards and three touchdowns, completing 42 of 58 pass attempts, with only one interception.

While he did show that there was still worry about re-injuring his leg, Prescott was forced to run for some short gains but not amounting to much.

As for Brady, the 44-year-old quarterback continues to chug on this season as he searches for another Super Bowl ring to add to his collection with 379 passing yards and four touchdowns against the Cowboys.

He threaded the needle through the middle of the secondary and connected with longtime favorite target Rob Gronkowski multiple times throughout, leading to two touchdowns.

He also threw two interceptions as the Cowboys' defense was set to win it in the second half.

The win was far from perfect as the Buccaneers’ Chris Godwin dropped a pass and fumbled the ball inside the five-yard line in two potential touchdown opportunities.

Brady and Prescott went pass for pass with each other, but in the end, a game-sealing drive by the seven-time Super Bowl champion ended the Cowboys' hopes of winning.

As Brady has been known to do throughout his career, he marched the Buccaneers down the field and set up kicker Ryan Succop’s game-winning field goal from the 36-yard line

Godwin was able to redeem himself during the drive with a catch that could have changed the outcome of it.

After the game, Brady made sure that the special teams were acknowledged for their efforts.

Brady and the Bucs will take on the Atlanta Falcons at home on September 19, while the Cowboys will look to recoup from this loss as they face the San Diego Chargers away from home on the same date.